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With partner storage facilities all over the world we can store your goods at excellent rates. If you have a few pallets that need to be stored while you arrange yor clients needs then we can do this for you. visist our contact page.

Don't Be Left Behind

Selling your products online has never been more important. Online sales have increased 22% over the past year this is the highest rate on increase for over two years. It is no coincidence that high street stores have been decreasing at a similar rate.


OrbitUK Ltd will make sure that your products are visible to this ever expending market. Your products will be listed on Google, Amazon, eBay, Kelkoo, Rakuten and independent online retailers to make sure that your product are seen by all. If you have a brand or are a manufacturer who wants to be able to sell online but you are afraid of this process then call our sales team who will advise you on the best methods to sell your products. With years of experience in ecommerce sales we know what make products sell and can create brand new listings for your products so that they can be indexed on the most important shopping channels online.

Company Profile

OrbitUK Ltd have been working with companies since 2001 establishing unique markets and selling opportunities for products that are new to the U.K..


We have been the sole distributor for many companies over the last 12 years and help these companies expand their markets. We have handled issues such as trademark and labelling issues. We have educated many companies on the importance of import and export and helped to build solid and prosperous relationships with these companies.


We specialise in importing and exporting good and products and also handling their marketing through the correct channels, whether it be online or to high end retail store.


The face of retail has changed dramatically over the last 10 years and will continue in this fashion as revolutionary new developments take place with online sales and mobile sales. It is of vital importance that your brand or company moves with the times making sure that you leave a legacy that inspires generations to come.


When is comes to retail stores you have to make sure that you have prime positioning so that your product image is not diminished in any way. OrbitUK help to identify and address these issues to increase sales and raise awareness of the Brand. Please see below some advantages of working with OrbitUK.


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